Events Cancelled Because of Coronavirus

  • IWCB – Junior and Veteran day, 21/05/’20.
  • IWCB – Crom’s Walk, 7/06/’20
  • Antwerp dogshow (Brabo) 18-19/04/’20
  • World Dogshow Madrid  is postponed and will be held from 9-12 July, 2020.
  • Dogshow Gent- On Hold till 3/05/’20.
  • RALIE – NE 2020, 16/5/2020
  • Dogshow Lommel 13-14/6/’20
  • FIWC 2-5/7/’20 is postponed and will be held from 1-4 July, 2021
  • FCI European Coursing Championship 2020 Hungary is postponed and will be held from 16-17-18/10/2020.

Keep it safe all times

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European Championship Coursing New date

Dear All,

First of all, I would like to thank for your patience in this difficult situation caused by the corona virus all over the world. I very much appreciate the quick response of the Hungarian Kennel Club President, the CdL President, CdL Secretary and also all CdL members for finding a solution for the ECC 2020.

In agreement of all CdL countries I would like to announce a new date for the FCI European Coursing Championship:

16/17/18 October 2020.

The venue remains the same: Tápiószentmárton, Kincsem Lovaspark.

Please be noted that this new date is still formally subject to approval by the General Committee of the FCI, we have great trust in their decision.

Thank you for your understanding! Take care of yourself!

With kind regards,
Emese Gyóllai
CdL delegate of Hungary
ECC 2020 Coursing Director

Dogshow Weelde – Annulatie – Annulation

Tot onze grote spijt moeten we nu melden dat de hondenshow van dit weekend 14-15 maart 2020 in Weelde helaas niet doorgaat.
Het bestuur en burgemeester heeft deze avond beslist dat we geen toelating krijgen om de hondenshow te laten doorgaan. 
Prévue les 14 et 15 mars 2020, l’exposition canine  de Weelde n’aura finalement pas lieu. Elle vient d’être annulée en raison de l’épidémie de coronavirus.


Covid 19 – Corona Virus.
In uitvoering van de maatregelen opgelegd door de Federale Overheid dienen wij onze lentewandeling te annuleren.  Deze wordt niet voorzien op een latere datum.

Covid 19 – Virus Corona
En exécution des mesures imposées par le Gouvernement Fédéral nous devons annuler la promenade de printemps.  La promenade ne sera pas déplacé à une date ultérieure.



# 1 Prettygrace v.d. Tortelduif.
# 2 Proudmolly v.d. Tortelduif.
# 3 Phara From Graham’s Ark.
# 4 Broughadowey Erin
# 5 Royalmeghann v.d. Tortelduif.

# 1 Phoenix From Graham’s Ark
# 2 Ridder v.d. Tortelduif.
# 3 Pierce v.d. Tortelduif.
# 4 Runningjacob v.d. Tortelduif.
# 5 Green Clover Neuvicq

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