Junior, Senior & Veteran Day

Op 22 september organiseren wij onze jonge honden en veteranen dag.
Keurmeester : Mw. Irmgard de Haan-de Levie, kennel v.d.Ruempol (NL)
Show locatie : Verloren Boslaan 1 te 9160 Lokeren, België.

On 22 September we will organise our Junior and Veteran day.
Judge : Mrs. Irmgard de Haan-de Levie, kennel v.d.Ruempol (NL)
Show location : Verloren Boslaan 1 at 9160 Lokeren, Belgium.

Inschrijving / registration

Clubchampionship Show

When : May, 9th 202′
Showground : Verlorenboslaan 1 – BE 9160 Lokeren
Judge : Mrs.Caroline Sheppard – Goldswift Irish Wolfhounds

Caroline Sheppard – short profile for judging appointment in Belgium 2024
My obsession with Irish Wolfhounds began in early childhood, but I had to wait until 1990 before Willow, our first Wolfhound, joined the family – and we’ve never been without a Wolfhound (or five!) since. Willow was a great introduction to this wonderful breed and lived until she was over 12 years old. 

Since starting showing in the early 90’s, I’ve owned and handled several champions to their titles, with a hound from our last Goldswift litter being crowned in 2019. Three of his siblings are CC winners and our current Champion Tawny, (Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift JW) is the daughter of one and granddaughter of another.

My judging experience began with informal show appointments, before progressing to Open Shows in 1997. I have awarded Challenge Certificates 5 times since my first Championship Show invitation in 2009 and I’m judging again this August, at the UK Irish Wolfhound Club Championship Show.

Appreciation of Wolfhound form and function has helped refine my work as a sculptor, for which knowledge of anatomy is essential. When I judge Irish Wolfhounds, I look for hounds who possess curves without exaggeration, and strength without coarseness, with an ease of movement which shows power and stamina. Typically, Irish Wolfhounds should give the impression that they could do the job for which they were originally bred. It’s all about maintaining balance and symmetry, when both standing and moving.   A flying phobia prevents me from accepting many overseas judging offers. However in 2012, I was able to fulfil the kind invitation to judge the Belgian Club’s Junior & Veteran Day; a trip which I enjoyed enormously. I was invited to judge at your Championship Show in 2020, but this wasn’t possible due to the pandemic. So I’m delighted finally to be returning this year and looking forward to meeting you and your lovely hounds.

Caroline Sheppard

Caroline has shared her life with Irish Wolfhounds for many years. She is a Championship judge of the highest integrity. She loves all animals but in particular Wolfhounds with a passion, she treats them regardless of their status in life with equality and above all compassion. These qualities made her an outstanding Irish Wolfhound rescue Secretary.
Highly intelligent and articulate and above all kind, a judge whose opinion is highly valued.”

— Sue Wilkinson


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1-10-’23 Junior, Senior & Veteran day

1 October 2023, Verloren Boslaan 1 – BE 9160 Lokeren
Final deadline on 24/09/2023 – 23:59
Registrations closed.

Judge Mrs. Mandy Addington, Wolvebrigg (UK)

I would like to thank you for inviting and giving me the opportunity to judge at your Junior and Veteran Show in October and look forward to meeting you and your hounds.

I live in Southeast Essex, England and have had wolfhounds for 28 years. My husband had one prior to us meeting and he introduced them into my life, I am grateful that he did.  I started showing 11 years ago and currently have 4 hounds ranging from 9.2 years to 2 years of age. I have imported bloodlines into the UK and had my first litter in 2021.  I have an interest in attending seminars, judging requirements and learning about the health and wellbeing of our breed. For the past 10 years I have enjoyed fund raising for the UK Health Group, IW Rescue and Paws which has been very successful, this includes Raffles, Auctions and selling Merchandise. For the past 17 months I’ve been fund raising for fellow wolfhound owners in Ukraine which has been greatly supported by global Breed Clubs and social media members of IW Groups.

Mandy Addington (Wolvebrigg)