1-10-’23 Junior, Senior & Veteran day

1 October 2023, Verloren Boslaan 1 – BE 9160 Lokeren
Final deadline on 24/09/2023 – 23:59
Registrations closed.

Judge Mrs. Mandy Addington, Wolvebrigg (UK)

I would like to thank you for inviting and giving me the opportunity to judge at your Junior and Veteran Show in October and look forward to meeting you and your hounds.

I live in Southeast Essex, England and have had wolfhounds for 28 years. My husband had one prior to us meeting and he introduced them into my life, I am grateful that he did.  I started showing 11 years ago and currently have 4 hounds ranging from 9.2 years to 2 years of age. I have imported bloodlines into the UK and had my first litter in 2021.  I have an interest in attending seminars, judging requirements and learning about the health and wellbeing of our breed. For the past 10 years I have enjoyed fund raising for the UK Health Group, IW Rescue and Paws which has been very successful, this includes Raffles, Auctions and selling Merchandise. For the past 17 months I’ve been fund raising for fellow wolfhound owners in Ukraine which has been greatly supported by global Breed Clubs and social media members of IW Groups.

Mandy Addington (Wolvebrigg)